CORINTH FIRE DEPARTMENT                                      APPARATUS AND CAPABILITIES

                         Engine 11

            1250 gpm pumper carries 1000 gallons of water. It has limited foam capabilities. This apparatus also offers Thermal Imaging Camera. This engine is our primary apparatus  for all fire responses except grass, brush or field fires.

                          Engine 12

          1250 gpm pumper carries 500 gallons of water. This engine is our second apparatus for fires, as well as first out for car accidents. It carries the " JAWS OF LIFE " for extrication and equipment to perform rescues. This apparatus also offers Thermal Imaging Camera and medical equipment.

                        Tanker 11

         500 gpm " Pump and Roll " capable tanker that carries 2000 gallons of water. This apparatus can be utilized as another pumper if needed, however, the primary roll of this apparatus is to respond and provide water to the scene of fires.

                          Brush 11

        150 gpm pump capable that carries 200 gallons of water. This is a 4 wheel drive apparatus and its primary responsibility is to respond to grass, brush, and field fires. Its secondary responsibility is as a second out vehicle for EMS first responder calls.

                       Batallion 1

       Ford Expedition 4 wheel drive command vehicle that carries all medical supplies for EMS First Responder calls, and as such is its primary responsibility.

                            EC - 1

      Advanced Life Support ( ALS / BLS ) ambulance. This is offered in conjunction with Dry Ridge Fire Department and is housed and staffed by Corinth Fire Department. Area of response is Grant county. It can also respond to EMS calls in Owen county but it must be requested. We will not respond automatically to EMS calls within Owen county.